About us

The University of St Andrews Population and Health Research Group is one of the largest groups in the United Kingdom researching the geographies of population, health, and housing. We actively collaborate with colleagues both internationally and in the UK in disciplines throughout the social and medical sciences. 

Our work uses quantitative, qualitative, and mixed approaches to census, survey, and administrative data. Our research is notable for its applied policy relevance and our record of attracting fundings from research councils, charities, the European Union, and central and local governments (see our Research page for more information).

Upcoming Events

3rd International Conference on Migration and Mobilities (Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th July 2020, St Andrews, Scotland)

7 January 2019: Peter Dorey will present his Master’s thesis, which he is planning to turn into a publishable paper, with the working title “Applications of Spatial Econometric Methodology to Fertility in the UK”.

14 January 2019: Genevieve Cezard, University of St Andrews, will discuss her work on the health of migrants in France.

21 January 2019: Dr Francesca Fiori, University of Edinburgh, will give a seminar on his ongoing work “Maternal employment and the wellbeing of children living with lone mothers”.

28 January 2019: Dr Nissa Finney, University of St Andrews, Finney will share her ongoing research with us.

11 February 2019: Kai Hu, University of St Andrews, will present results from his second PhD chapter titled “Effects of air pollution on cognition among Chinese elder adults”.

The research group is connected with three major ESRC Research Centres: the ESRC Centre for Population Change (CPC), Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE), and Census & Administrative data LongitudinaL Studies Hub (CALLS-HUB).
We are also affiliated with the Centre for Housing Research (CHR) and ERC DeprivedHoods project.