Research seminars

Our fortnightly research seminars are held on Tuesdays 12-1pm. Venue: Seminar Room 310, Irvine Building. All welcome!

The next seminar will be on 30th January 2018; Dr Gurchathen S. Sanghera, School of International Relations, University of St Andrews will talk about:

“Ethnic minority young people in Scotland, everyday geopolitics and Islamophobia” 


Upcoming seminars in 2018

Venue: George Cumming Room

13th February: Dr. Daniela Sime, University of Strathclyde (Title tbc)

27th February: Professor Mark Tranmer, University of Glasgow (Title tbc)

13th March:    Dr. Agnese Vitali, University of Southampton (Title tbc)

17th April:      Dr. Alice Goisis, London School of Economics and Political Science (Title tbc)

1st May:          Dr. Jakub Bijak, University of Southampton (Title tbc)

15th May:       Gina Martin, School of Medicine, UoStA (Title tbc)


Past seminars in 2017

3rd October: Dr. Joanna Inchley, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews

“Growing up unequal: International perspectives on adolescent health and wellbeing”

17th October: Dr Thijs van den Broek, London School of Economics and Political Science

            “Supporting ageing parents and changes in quality of life in Sweden and Denmark”

31st October: Dr. Catharine Cross, School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St Andrews

““If all your friends jumped off a bridge…” Sex differences in risky behaviour and response to social influence: evidence from meta-analyses and experiments.”

14th November: Dr. David Manley, University of Bristol

“An empirical investigation of social and biological mechanisms for neighbourhood effects: A cul-de-sac or through road?”

28th November: Dr. Pia Wohland-Jakhar, Hull-York Medical School

Mortality in the UK: Ethnicity, nativity and the future”

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5th December:           Dr. Alison Koslowski, University of Edinburgh

“Universal Basic Income, Parenting Leave and Gender Equality”


12th December:       Ana Petrovic, Delft University of Technology

“Multi-scale measures of population. Within and between city variation in exposure to the socio-spatial context.”

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