Research seminars

Our fortnightly research seminars are usually held on Tuesdays 12-1pm. Venue: Forbes room, Irvine Building. All welcome!

Our next 2018/2019 PHRG seminars will be on October 16, 2018 (12pm, Forbes). Dr. Toman Barsbai, School of Economics, University of St Andrews will present:

“Information and Immigrant Integration.”


Upcoming seminars in 2018/2019

October 30, 2018: Dr. Alyson van Ralte, Research Group Leader, Lifespan Inequalities, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, “The case for measuring lifespan inequality”.

November 27, 2018: Dr Gina Martin, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews, tbc.

December 11, 2018: Professor Chris Dibben, University of Edinburgh, tbc.


Past seminars in 2018/2019

2nd October: Dr. Iñaki Permanyer, Centre d’Estudis Demogràfics (CED), Barcelona

“Uncovering subnational variation in human development across the globe.”

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Past seminars in 2017/2018

4th July: Dr. Alicia Adsera, Associate Professor, Princeton University

“The Impact of Transition in Eastern Europe on Height and Well-Being”

29th May: Dr. Sergei Shubin, Swansea University

“Evaluating Mobile cultures in the process of cross-European migration”

14th May: Dr. Christian Dudel, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research

“Male fertility in high-income countries: Data, methods, and trends”

17th  April : Dr. Alice Goisis, London School of Economics and Political Science

“Medically assisted reproduction and adverse birth outcomes: have the risks been overestimated?”


3rd April: Dr. Heleen Janssen, Delft University of Technology

“Neighbourhood ethnic minority concentration and the intention to vote for the radical right in the Netherlands: A multiscalar approach”

27th March: Dr. Juliet Stone, University of Southampton

“Housing and the transition to higher order births in the UK”


13th March: Dr. Agnese Vitali, University of Southampton

“Female breadwinner couples in Europe”

DYLOU5cWkAASVHF.jpg large

19th February: Dr. Tom Kleinepier, Delft University of Technology

Childhood neighbourhood histories and their effects on adolescent outcomes”


13th February: Dr. Daniela Sime, University of Strathclyde

“Citizenship, identity and belonging among young Eastern European migrants in Brexit Britain”

This presentation reports on preliminary findings from a ESRC-funded study currently ongoing with Eastern European young people settled in the UK. It draws on data from a survey carried out with over 1,000 young people and 20 focus groups, which took place across the UK with young people aged 12-18 who had lived in the UK for at least 3 years. The presentation shares findings in relation to young people’s feelings of belonging, views and experiences of citizenship in the UK and as Europeans and their everyday experiences of racism and exclusion. The findings reveal the uncomfortable position many young people find themselves in, and their ambiguous future in the context of Britain’s uncertain plans for Brexit. Drawing on concepts of identity, citizenship and belonging, the study progresses existing knowledge by focussing on young people’s experiences in the context of current debates on Europe and issues of national and European identity. Project website:

12th December: Ana Petrovic, Delft University of Technology

“Multi-scale measures of population. Within and between city variation in exposure to the socio-spatial context.”

Screenshot-2017-12-19 Pop Health Research ( GeoPopHealthStA) Twitter

5th December: Dr. Alison Koslowski, University of Edinburgh

“Universal Basic Income, Parenting Leave and Gender Equality”


28th November: Dr. Pia Wohland-Jakhar, Hull-York Medical School

Mortality in the UK: Ethnicity, nativity and the future”

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14th November: Dr. David Manley, University of Bristol

“An empirical investigation of social and biological mechanisms for neighbourhood effects: A cul-de-sac or through road?”


31st October: Dr. Catharine Cross, School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of St Andrews

““If all your friends jumped off a bridge…” Sex differences in risky behaviour and response to social influence: evidence from meta-analyses and experiments.”

17th October: Dr Thijs van den Broek, London School of Economics and Political Science

Supporting ageing parents and changes in quality of life in Sweden and Denmark”

3rd October: Dr. Joanna Inchley, School of Medicine, University of St Andrews

“Growing up unequal: International perspectives on adolescent health and wellbeing”




Permanyer presentation - photo 2.jpg